Friday, 21 January 2011

On the Mat Day 129: Close Guard Attacks

Everyone but a single white belt outweighed me last night. They were all big judo guys who can throw me around easily. The thing is, they are like big bears with a play nice attitude. They'll throw me but won't necessarily flatten me like a pancake or play a hard top game. Kawai-san who is a purple belt actually prefers to play bottom. It was a tough round of sparring but I really enjoyed it - got all the stress and anxiety out of me.

I wore 2 pairs of socks while training. 1 layer of ski socks the other pair had grips on the bottom so I can shrimp. It was about 6 or 8 degrees on the thermometer. I didn't stop to check exactly. Wearing socks really helped prevent any further foot injury. I am just fingers crossed right now that the weather hurries up and gets warm ..dammit! Apparently this year the winter will turn immediately into summer (i.e. short spring). So from freezing cold to scorching hot.

I've been working hard on a lumberjack sweep from spider guard. It works really well against big opponents. The bigger they are the harder they fall is literally true in this case. I got Kawaii-san with it and was shocked at the sound he made hitting the mat.

Sparring time 6 x 7 mins = 42 mins

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