Tuesday, 4 January 2011

On the Mat Day 126: Take Down vs Punch or Judo

It has been so bloody cold this holidays that I kept trying to think of things to put me off going tonight. I knew there was no heating waiting for me at the dojo except my own body heat. I went all the same, it was the first training of the year. I felt shit of course. After 10 days of sitting on my arse and eating whatever I could lay my eyes on it's what I expected. It was good though, it wiped away all the cobwebs of laziness brought on by the holidays. I got there first, then a few others and a possible member joined us. I hope we get more folks in this year. Things have been slow.

Kensuke was there. He is always a hard sparring partner. Always goes for throws, strong and fast. I caught him in a four figure type leg lock that worked on the achilles tendon. It just came off his failed gogoplata. I also farted really loudly the moment he caught me on the ground. I think he landed on me and it pushed all the wind out of me - literally. lol. Ah the embarassments of the human body. I've heard others farting while rolling, it's actually funny and just human.

I came home and browsed my mail. I'm looking for a new kimono. And the site had this advert for groin guards, which is well timed because I am looking for a new strap because my old one is loose. Props to the guys for making a tongue in cheek video.

Oh one other thing. How the hell did Shinya Aoki lose to the cosplay fighter?! That has to be the biggest disappointment of the holidays for me.

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