Friday, 24 December 2010

On the Mat Day 125: X-Guard

I arrived late. Wife's xmas present is not gonna but itself. I was the first one to arrive. Apparently the dojo is not very busy recently despite the real holidays starting in Japan closer to the end of year. Christmas is celebrated half-arsed here but not for my kids :)

Anyway, K-sensei asked me what I wanted to do and I immediately said "X-guard". I am borrowing the book right now by Marcelo Garcia and working through it. So K-sensei taught me 4 transitions at my request. 1 from standing, 2 from sitting and 1 from 1/2 guard.

Kawai-san came while we were doing the x-guard. Like me, he seems to be a regular now on Friday night. Another married guy who no longer goes out drinking or doing anything fun...apart from BJJ! He is deaf too so I am never sure if he understands me. He's like a bull. Big judo guy with a heavy body and lots of pressure. Saying that I can see he goes for technique over strength (purple belt) and likes to play bottom a lot. He squashed me into the floor tonight. Very hard to escape him.

I'm glad I went because it dusted off a lot of stress that has been building for me in the last week with work and preparing for xmas. I don't think I will ever quit BJJ even though when I am in a down mood I do think about it. The dojo is a place I can go, people talk to me like a normal human being. It's sort of like the outdated TV show "Cheers". It's a place you can go where everyone knows your name. I like that.

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