Tuesday, 23 November 2010

On the Mat Day 117: Rainy Days

After a week off BJJ crack I felt the jitters last night even though I am at the threshold of just getting over whatever cold bug I had. I just had to go last night and I did. I got there late at about 8.30 ish aiming to join the sparring session. As I walked in the door, everyone laughed because they were all just standing there around the kerosene heater and had just arrived themselves. The crap weather had apparently kept people away - well all but the hardcore :)

I had a couple of good spars with the guys. Always getting my guard passed and crushed as usual. Oh what fun! I am getting used to turtling and trying for a sweep or my back taken. More fun. Still I am getting better at escaping. F-sensei showed me an armlock that Rickson Gracie taught him at the seminar. It starts with you in full mount and pushing down on the opponents (say right arm) to get an americana. The right hand holds lightly over his wrist but without grasping and the right elbow drops to the floor to the right of the opp's ear. It gives him no escape route and was very effective. There were a lot of little refinements F-sensei said he learnt and a lot of them were to avoid getting punched (read self-defence). I told him that I wish I had gone because there were only 60 people in attendance. Rickson said he may not come to Nagoya again because of the lack of interest but Tokyo there were more people apparently. He plans to come back next year for a seminar so I will definately go then. Damn I am an idiot for not going.

As an aside, the guys taught me another throw. It's called Izori-nage. It's similar in movement to the sumo throw in this clip.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins

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