Sunday, 14 November 2010

On the Mat Day 116: Armlocks and Komulock

Only Fuji-san turned up tonight for drills. Either a lot of people come or don't. I guess the Rickson seminar coming soon this weekend has made people either want to rest or come in Saturday instead to prepare. Fuji is such and akward partner because he is like a barrel which makes it hard to do anything like triangles or to hold down. His arms are small so there isn't much to grab onto. Even in closed guard I can't cross my ankles. That's a good thing. If your training partner was the perfect size and shape all the time you'd be screwed when you came to fight an akward shaped guy.

Sparring was good but not enough people. I told Fuji later to come again on Friday because sometimes it is just me and K-sensei. Apparently he works on Saturday. At the end of class a little guy came in, sort of ratty faced and shifty eyes. He handed out niku-man and some hot-dog type thing in a plastic bag and proffered us to eat it. I think he has just started training at the gym and wanted to make a good impression. K-sensei told me he is the oldest guy training with us now. Previously, that was Fuji-san who is 44. I think the new guy is maybe over 50. Good luck to him. The more older guys the better I say.

Sparring time: 6 x 7 mins = 42 mins

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