Wednesday, 10 November 2010

On the Mat Day 115: Armlocks

Mostly blue belts again tonight. I drill with a brown belt though. Small guy whose name I forgot. The Japanese are not big on giving their names out and I'm terrible at remembering them. Good guy though and very enthusiastic about drilling over and over which is cool.

Funnily enough I didn't feel in the mood to train last night. I think everyone has those nights. Still I went anyway because sometimes it can turn out good. However, last night I felt a bit crappy. No idea what it was. I'm not coming down with anything. I felt a little nauseous during sparring, no idea why because last week I felt like I was on fire. Maybe it's the weather slowing me down now that a chill has hit Japan. F-sensei pushed the time up on the clock to 7 min rounds from the usual 6 mins. I felt it.

I tried for lapel chokes during sparring with a strong white belt. Couldn't get it though so need to work on it. Although, for the first time, I did get an achilles tendon lock on him since he kept stepping over my guard to pass so I thought I'd show him the dangers of it. I also picked up a bit of an injury. While sparring with F-sensei I felt my left knee pop a bit. I think the lateral range extended in the tendons and it really hurt for a few seconds but I kept on sparring. Today it feels tender when I crouch or sit on the floor (as we do in Japan) in seiza.

A rather depressing lesson for me in all. Maybe I will perform better on Friday.

Sparring time: 5 rounds x 7 mins = 35 mins

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