Monday, 1 November 2010

On the Mat Day 113: Lapel chokes

F-sensei showed us some cool lapel chokes using the bottom section of the opponent's gi against him and at the end using your own gi to do a lasoo choke. Very cool stuff which I enjoy seeing but find I am clumsy actually doing. Lots of people training tonight, mostly blue and brown. No purple, 1 white. Tete-kun threw me with a throw after I caught him with Sumi-gaeshi. He said the name of the throw and I misheard and called it "Kani-nage" he said "No, it's Tani-nage". Although, Kani-nage would be cool because it would mean crab throw. hmm.

I seem to be amassing these easily learnt throws where if you tie the opponent up well enough you can throw him simply by sitting your arse down onto the mat. I held my own against Kensuke (judo boy) tonight, not allowing him grips on my right but leaving the left open (I'm southpaw) for him to attack and me to counter with either sumi or ude gaeshi. I just concentrated on always standing whenever possible with a technical standup. I want to keep it real and always get to my feet where in a real situation I can use kicks and punches or go for throws/takedowns I have learnt. Very fun time tonight despite getting my arse whopped by everyone and his dog and oh...I feel a burning in my right ear.

Sparring time: 8 x 6 mins = 48 mins

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