Saturday, 30 October 2010

On the Mat Day 112: Guard Passes

So again, just me and K-sensei. I guess because the weather is getting cold and Friday is not such a popular day that most people don't want to train. K-sensei after showing me guard passes asked me again if I had anything I wanted to work on. I asked him about the self-defence side of jiu-jitsu. Then he taught me a few moves against layman chokes and preventing guillotines. He then went on to admit that he didn't know a great deal of the self-defence side of things since our dojo concentrates more on the sports aspect. It basically confirmed my suspicions. I'm not in any way saying that continuing the sports BJJ aspect will not give me a better chance in a real fight. I think it will. Although, I like the real nitty-gritty side of fighting and continue to ask myself "Would this really work in a self-defence situation." At the end of the day though, BJJ keeps me sane and allows me to stuff my face with carbohydrates and not suffer adipose attacks umm arr.

We finished by sparring something like 3 rounds then I asked to play a turtle game where we take turns to take the back. I couldn't do anything against him but tried all the same. It was good practice for me though. He told me rather than focusing on how to get out of a rear mount, prevent it in the first place. Aye, good advice and I know I just need to develop more sensitivity to an opponent behind me.

Sparring time: 3 x 6 mins = 18 mins

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