Thursday, 14 October 2010

On the Mat Day 108: Breaking Grips

I was the first to turn up last night and it was close to starting time then a rush of people came in a little while later. F-sensei showed us how to break grips from standing. We covered techniques from the sleeve, collar and back to a throw that used your own gi. I thought the throw was pretty cool and tried it during sparring. I call it the sneaky throw because you wait with your lapel open with the tip of it in your hand resting on your knee when you are hugging your knees as though you are tired. Then when the opponent goes to grab that front side of your collar, you whip your gi over his arm and trap it, duck under his arm and throw to the side. The standup grip breaking I like. There are many similarities to what I have done over the years in kenpo jiu-jitsu. I need to use them more often because I tend to get bogged down by judo guys gripping the hell out of me and then throwing me.

Sparring was mixed. I almost got caught in an armbar by Arata-kun who is a white belt. Everyone was smaller than me last night and they all move like little mice, scurrying so fast it’s hard to catch them. I have so many things I need to work on and even after a year of doing BJJ I feel so much a beginner at times. Tete-kun caught me in my own favourite technique twice from his quarter guard. I could have sworn he did it on purpose because I caught him with the same sweep last week. I pushed myself during sparring and will try to continue doing so. I must not rest as much as I have in the past.

Before class I also wrote a list of moves I wanted to try. I managed to do about half on that list and referred to it while breaking from sparring. Hopefully, it will force me to use new stuff and get my body used to doing it. I often drive home thinking why the hell I didn’t use a certain move or kicking myself for not remembering to do a certain technique I meant to try.

Sparring time: 8 rounds x 6 min = 48 mins

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