Sunday, 26 September 2010

On the Mat Day 104: Turtle Escapes

I always have a good training session when I have something specific I want to try. Lately, I have been studying and doing the quarter guard. From this position I have been able to get omoplata, sweeps and bicep crusher (I used it with care) even on opponents who are much heavier and have more experience than me. I've noticed that if you use some system that the club doesn't normally train in, you can catch a lot of people out. For example, Yoshida used a lot of the Eddie Bravo Twister set up and caught out lots of people. I don't see him use it much nowadays because he tends to focus on spider guard. Closed guard seems to go nowhere for me because everyone can shut me down because they have seen the tricks a thousand time but opening up the guard and working off that seems the way to go for me. The quarter guard itself seems to pull me in and tell me to learn it. I suppose in BJJ you come across instances where a certain guard or move has an unexplained attraction to the individual and you come to find that it works easily for you body type or flexibility.

There was a new brown belt tonight. Small guy, maybe 65 kg. He was fast and seemed like a nice guy. I think he is new to our dojo so that is cool to have more experienced guys. I seem to be the only white belt attending class nowadays. Kind of lonely.

Sparring time: 5 x 6 mins = 30 mins

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