Tuesday, 31 August 2010

On the Mat Day 98: Fumika's Guard Passing

So K and F-sensei were busy tonight so the boss's wife took the class. I was looking at her blue belt and it was so old looking I wondered how long she has been blue. She is good but there are not many women (in fact only her now) at our dojo so she doesn't get to spar much. She still wins at competitions though. I guess it helps to be married to a black belt. She has a wealth of information ready for any question she might have.

A new guy was at the dojo tonight. About 78 kg. He didn't move well during warm ups but during sparring he looked strong and moved surprisingly well. Apparently, he did judo so his base was really good. Everyone in Japan seems to have done judo which gives them a big advantage when they walk through our door. If only I had done the same instead of Karate as a kid. I sparred with him later and he was all strength and tired fast. I threw him with ude-gaeshi and got mount then an ezekiel choke. I tried a tackle on him later but he stopped it well and put me in a full-nelson from the front while I had a lockdown on him. It took me a while to break from the full-nelson and it hurt my neck a bit enough so that I have a hot compress on it right now. A Brazilian guy, blue belt, Isami came and we sparred. It really frustrates me when I spar with him because he just uses side control and moves to north-south, rinse and repeat. It's hard for me to escape. I thought that at least a year into training I'd not have this problem but it just keeps coming back. I need to think up a strategy.

It' s apparent to me that I need to train more. Right now I am going average twice a week. It's not enough but I have so much shit to do in other parts of my life plus the heat is exhausting me. 2 more weeks then things should cool down then I need to pick up the pace.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins

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