Friday, 27 August 2010

On the Mat Day 97: Deep Half Guard Pt2

Things are starting to cool down now - but not by much. I still guzzled down 2 liters of water tonight and still wanted more. My liver will thank me I'm sure. I actually felt tired before going to class due to lack of sleep. I am only getting around 6 and a half hours a night. I need a nap to make up or get 8 hours. I really feel it if I don't. Still I soldiered on and went and had a great night training. In fact, I could say I felt full of energy compared to the other guys who seemed well...knackered.

Akira was back from Hokkaido with his nice shiny new blue belt. I congratulated him and his new hair style which is a wanna be dreadlock, mop sort of thingy. You know those carpets or pillows that have that material that looks like something that lives on coral. It's really soft but the fibers that hang off it are soft. Well his hair looked like that. I asked him if it was a wig and he laughed. Probably thought I was a right cheeky bastard. Still he didn't smash me. In fact, he was definately off tonight because I caught him with an armbar. He has been away in Hokkaido where the weather is mild but on returning to the humid pool of death that is Nagoya he has lost his stamina. I also caught Kamiya, who just got blue, in a boa choke from side control. He waited ages to tap and I know what he was thinking. "Shit I just got this blue belt and John, who is white, is gonna tap me." I feel for him but he has tapped me before in a choke which I fought against for too long. Sometimes your the nail, sometimes the hammer. Speaking of which the Fightwork Podcast interview with the oldest Machado brother was interesting. The old days of BJJ.

After class I asked K-sensei to review some open guard sweeps. Glad I did because I had forgotten so many. He has been doing BJJ for 11 years and is brown belt. I told him about my frustrations that I am taught like 6-7 moves and we only get to drill it 2-4 times each then move to the next. There is no way I can remember that. He told me not to worry and that in time I will pick out my favourite moves. He also said that when he first started there were only like 3 moves they drilled so it was easier back then. I got the impression there was no real teacher for him at first and him and a few guys started out just working on stuff.

My main goal tonight was really not to get hurt again. I felt my shoulder nearly dislocated on Tuesday and my wrist has the grip of a 5 year old. I didn't want to antagonize those injuries. Mission accomplished and ending in a good night.

Sparring time: 7 x 6 mins = 42 mins

Plus punching the bag: 3 x 3 min rounds (1 min rests)

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