Saturday, 21 August 2010

On the Mat Day 95: Open Guard Attacks

K-sensei showed us some drills when you are in open guard, grabbing the opponents sleeves, with your feet on each side of his pelvis. Just as if he had broken your guard. This was a great lesson because I love the moves he showed us. Some x-guard stuff and some sweeps to take the opponent down. The kind of stuff I have seen and tried to use but never been taught formally. I drilled with Arata-kun who is getting much better.

Before class I did AbripperX which is about 300 plus abs then after class I did 3 x 3 min rounds hitting the bag with punches. I also stayed behind a little bit with Yoshida to ask his advice on half-guard stuff such where to go from the lockdown>whip up and the London and Golden Gate sweeps. I am often stuck in half-guard trying hard to sweep but not with the correct leverage position. It's all good though. I am getting more confident when I lose full guard instead of the mad panic as in the past. I try to go closed > open > half > turtle in respective order of escaping attacks. Recently I havent been able to do the roll turn out from the turtle because my opponents are catching on to covering my leg with their own.

I sparred with Kamiya-san for the first time since he got his blue belt. I would say that he has improved quite a bit and the new belt has given him a confidence he never used to have. He caught me in a tight komlock which I have to work on finding a safer way to get out of.

Koyama saw through my attempt to use ude-gaeshi which I have been having some success with. The higher belts frustrate me because they can see what I am planning a mile off. Such is the game.

All in all a good yet exhausting night, ending with a restless night of sleep due to a twinged neck. Ah the joy of BJJ.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins



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