Thursday, 19 August 2010

On the Mat Day 94: Triangle and Omoplata

My wife had the car last night so I had to wait for her to get back before I could set out to the dojo. She took ages so to kill time I did some work on the kid's room, filling in any holes in the wall to get it ready for painting/wallpapering. It involves a lot of looking up so my neck is sore today. I thought I'd not be able to get to train last night because my wife was so late in coming back. I consoled myself with the fact that I could still join the sparring later on from 9 pm. She eventually came back and I rushed to the dojo, arriving a little after 8 pm but was really surprised and disappointed to see no one there but F-sensei and his wife. doh. I asked him if everyone was suffering from the heat and he just laughed and presumed them to be busy with work. I dunno. I think the heat is preventing a lot of people from training. There is no air conditioning so it does take a lot of willpower to get up and train in those conditions. I have always been a bit of a Spartan so train regardless. It still kicks my arse though and I look forward to some milder weather.

I basically trained with F-sensei. We did uchikomi and it was a shock to feel how tight his armbar uchikomi was. Like absolutely no gaps or wiggle space. Every inch of the move had intense pressure. He took me through leg triangle variations and I have to say that I got lost because I just lose it when bombarded with so much technique. I did pick up a few things though like how to protect against the triangle and how to get it without dragging their front arm to the side.

A couple of guys came later on. Tete, Tsuzuki and a white belt guy who seemed much calmer than normal. I got dominated by the first 2 guys who are both purple plus F-sensei. I feel like a child being thrown around at times. Tete showed me a throw which I've previously seen before. I used it on the other white belt and it worked like a charm. I have a video of it among my previous posts. it involves bracing the opponents arm, ducking under it and sliding so that I pull him over.

My main obstacle right now is the heat and getting enough sleep. My daughter woke me up several times last night and the crook in my neck meant that I feel like shit today. If I could improve anything in my life at the cost of anything else, it would be to improve quality sleep time. I will take a few naps this weekend. Only wish I could catch a few z's at work.

This Sunday is an open mat (sparring) at the dojo for an hour and a half. There should be a lot of people there. If the wife gives me time off I may go.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins
1 x 4 mins = 40 mins

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