Wednesday, 11 August 2010

On the Mat Day 92: Guard Passing

My rash guard stunk so bad last night. It was washed but I had previously left it in my bag for too long after a session and the smell stayed. It started the night smelling musty and by the end because of my sweat it smelt like I had pissed all over it. It had an odd smell of ammonia lingering on it. Yuk. I apologized to my drilling partner, he sniffed it and said it was ok then told me that his belt was rank anyway. Most people don't wash their belt at my gym. I got a bit upset at the wife for washing mine a few weeks ago. It still looks grubby though.

I was surprised to see Yoshida-san last night. He keeps saying he only goes twice a week but I think he is bullshitting because he is very good. I think his wife is away so he can get there more recently. It's o-bon holiday right now in Japan so wives tend to take their kids back home to their parents and leave the guy at home by himself. No such luck for moi :(

I didn't spar as much as I should or had wanted to. I was feeling broken down a bit and my groin was throbbing a little ..ohh errr. A white belt guy came last night who has a few tatoos is a little smaller than me and always likes to go at it. I couldn't be bothered to spar with him although I generally get the best of him. So didn't approach him. He never asked me to spar either which was odd. Kondo seems to be low on gas recently because he hasn't been coming. I held my own against him but he is still damn good at hip movement. Me and Yoshida played pass the open guard. I like the games he comes up with, they have specific themes and really kick my arse in the cardio department.

Next lesson will be Monday next week because of the holidays.

Sparring time: 5 x 6 mins = 30 mins

P.S. Just got a crate of natural peanut butter delivered. Perhaps its time to make some protein bars.

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