Tuesday, 27 July 2010

On the Mat Day 87: Scissor Sweep

The heat in Japan continues. I go outside and it feels like I am baking in an oven. It gets worse when I put on my dogi and stand in the dojo sweating and drilling moves. There was some breeze last night so that helped. Plus the instructor turned on a 2nd fan to blast the still air around the dojo.

The first thing I noticed last night was that Atsushi had been promoted to blue belt. I overheard the instructor say that he also promoted Akira and Kamiya-san. 2 of those guys have 3-6 months on me in training so that gave me an idea of when I will be promoted or what kind of time-scale I should be looking at. I know I am putting too much emphasis on belt ranks but to be promoted would be some acknowledgment from the instructor that I am getting better. It lit a fire under my arse that is for sure. I left the dojo after sparring thinking about training more and building my cardio. The only thing that holds me back are my injuries.

I will try to get to the dojo 3 times a week again. It will be hard with my schedule but I must do it. I also must work on flexibility and build up my cardio. Probably do some P90X or Insanity when I set up a spare room this week. Another thing I need to do is eat better.

Sparring was really good last night. Lots of people but that meant less time for me on the floor. I did some specific sparring with Yoshida-san who wanted me to attack the turtle and then break out of his guard.

Sparring time: 6 mins x 5 rounds = 30 mins

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