Sunday, 18 July 2010

On the Mat Day 85: Knee on the Belly Escapes

Lots of people there on Friday night, I walked in and was shocked. It was a great night of sparring with all the white belts. Arata-kun who is a high school kid and fairly small, is getting better. I had troubled pinning him down so his escapes have improved a lot. Great for him. During sparring I worked on the open guard. Mostly looking to x-guard sweep or a foot on hip, pull/push sweep, no idea of the name. A white belt, Kamiya-san, who was giving me some trouble last time was unable to pass my guard. I kept it in open and when he attacked using toreador, I managed to keep away from him pinning me. This is definately something I enjoy. At one point I was sitting there waiting for him to attack, thinking "wow, I'm sitting down here saving energy while he is trying to run circles round me." He was really tired by the end of it too but I felt good. Being on bottom isnt always bad.

The last round was with Koyama-san and I asked him for any pointers. He told me to use ebi "shrimping" more when the opponent is crushing me. My problem was that I was trying to bench him off me while holding his collar but I have to move myself away from him while keeping him in one spot with the collar hold. I also asked him to go over the kesa-gatame escape again because I forgot the steps. He really is a cool guy and very easy to approach.

Sparring time = 6 x 6 rounds = 36 mins

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