Tuesday, 29 June 2010

On the Mat Day 81: Passing from the knees

I was bathed in a sheen of sweat last night as I got in my car after leaving the dojo. When I got home I stood on the scales and was shocked to see that I am now 70 kg on the dot. I'm melting. The heat and training is ripping the flesh away. The thing is, I'm losing muscles too, my body becoming wiry and different to how it looked when I weight trained a lot. I need to eat more, do some squats, benchpress and deadlifts. Build a little more mass. I didn't eat very much before going training yesterday night, that is probably why I felt good rolling and very nimble.

Kensuke, who has been a member of our club before I joined, came back last night after a long lay off. I don't know why he was absent for so long but Fukuzumi-sensei was pissed off with him. I think he hasn't paid his subs for a few months because I heard Fukuzumi say that he might just ask for his membership fee again and got him to sign a piece of paper. I can't really sympathize with him, even though he seems a good kid at heart, because when I broke my foot, I still paid the fees even though I couldn't train. I guess I could have gone and told the teacher that because I broke my foot at his dojo I should not have to pay the month's fees while I was injured. But since it is his full-time job I would have felt a dick doing that. Besides I got back something like 4 times the money I paid on medical bills so that covered my loss of fees anyway. What comes around goes around they say. Anyway, Kensuke is a balls to the walls Judo kid. He's good at throws and rough on the ground but last night I managed to get the upper hand on him some times. I think he is just a little rusty and perhaps subdued because of the rubbing the sensei gave him. I caught him with a knee on belly to armbar on the far side. I also caught Akira with a bicep slicer which he did not tap to and I did not want to put too much pressure on so I released it and asked him on feedback. I am working some moves from quarter guard and also sweeps from half guard with some success.

Things are good. I feel better but the heat is taking its toll on me. Roll on for 100 days on the mat!

Sparring 6 mins x 7 rounds = 42 mins

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