Sunday, 27 June 2010

On the Mat Day 80: More Airplane throws

The weather was milder tonight but that didn't stop me sweating a ton. My only sparring partners were Koyama-sensei and Fuji-san. I guess the hot crappy sweaty weather prevents many people from training. Both Koyama and Makoto lost their first round during the World Championships in LA. Bummer.

We did the throws as last time and I felt a bit more confident. We also did Seio-nage from the knees which I did much better at. There was also a pull-down throw, he said the name of it in Japanese, but I didn't catch it. I love these takedowns because it is something where I am lacking. I sparred against each of them 3-times. It was frustrating but a great work out. I cannot pass Koyama's guard and Fuji simply lays on me and always tries an underhook pass. I keep him away by pushing on his head and straightening up, rinse and repeat. Very frustrating. He's a really nice guy (I gave him a lift to the station afterwards in fact) but I wish he would play a more open (less Judo) game so we can both benefit from a bit more exposure to different things. He is a Judo blackbelt so he is really strong and hard to overcome. Although, I did scissor sweep him at one point which I was happy about but could not maintain mount.

Sparring 6 x 6 minutes = 36 minutes

Cardiovascular is still very low :(

Sambo version of the airplane throw:

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