Friday, 18 June 2010

On The Mat Day 78: Open Mat

This is a back dated entry for my last Friday lesson before I moved house. That meant no internet for me and coupled with the fact that I was sent to my company's factory for 2 weeks, I had no internet and no time to do any exercise or BJJ

Well, that is all over with now and I plan to go back after the weekend. The last class I had was on Friday 4th. Koyama-sensei was away so Fukuzumi-sensei's wife took the class (she's a blue belt). I enjoyed it although it was only me and big bad Atsushi-kun. She had a lot of good advice which I still remember well even after 2 weeks of no training. Atsushi was really good at putting me in the crucifix position. I battled out of it but I think he could have hurt me seriously if he had pushed it. Anyway, just a note to say I'm back and ready to train and fully (touch-wood) healed.

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