Wednesday, 26 May 2010

On the Mat Day 76: Passing the Half Guard

So Makoto Ogasawara made his second visit since I've been training at the dojo. I checked and the last time was my day 50, which doesn't seem that far back but in my memory it is. He and Koyama-san are going to the US to compete in the worlds. They are both brown belts but will enter at different weights. There were a lot of people tonight, probably because Fukuzumi-sensei announced that Makoto would be here. He sparred all the time, non-stop, and didn't even seem to break into a sweat. He uses deep half guard and grabs the lapel to tie up his opponent a lot. It was cool to watch him spar with Koyama.

I had a good night actually. There were some new faces. A couple of high school kids have joined and one guy who brings his kids to train has decided to start sparring after just working on techniques for the last 6 months - good for him. I'm finding that I am getting less pressed into the floor now and can actually escape much more. Although, a purple belt who is very heavy and good technique who just destroyed me with armbars all the time.

Sparring time was 7 opponents x 6 mins = 43 minutes.
Plus lots and lots of sweat.

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