Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Power Intervals 2

So I got home and decided to do some cardio. I've never done this workout before but enjoyed it. It is one of the RevAbs workouts and apparently the hardest. It doesn't compare to P90X plyo but its a good bang for your buck. At only 30 minutes it got me really sweaty and I felt great afterwards.

Here are the stats:

32 minutes
289 calories burnt
124 average HR
160 max HR
19 minutes in zone

Definately one to do again. I've decided to cut carbs at night. For the next 3 weeks I will not eat bread, rice or pasta for late meals. That should help me slim down a little to make weight for the Dumas competition.

The pain in my right groin has subsided a lot since I got a friend to remove the scar tissue from it. I'm using Ibuprofen at a tablet a day right now and things are looking good. Still apprehensive about going to BJJ class this week.

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