Sunday, 25 April 2010


As part of my recovery, I went to the local hot spring. Every time I leave I keep telling myself that I should go at least once a month but it must have been a year since I went last. I felt great after it. There are jets in some of the baths that shoot water and massage your body. I kept trying to massage my groin with it and probably looked a bit suspect to some people. The great thing is that I am short sighted and can't really see whether people are grimacing or gawping at those places because it's hard to make out expressions. That's one of the bonuses of having defective eyesight I suppose. At the end there was an older woman cleaning up the rooms and because I am optically challenged I failed to notice her and was standing full frontal in her direction lol. My 5 year old son seemed to worry more about it because he whispered that a girl (about the same age mind you) was in the room and he quickly turned away so not to show her his bits.

As far as recovery from workouts and injuries goes, onsen is now top of my lists.

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