Saturday, 24 April 2010

On the Mat Day 70: Side Control

So the Japanese call the type of control we were doing "ジボーエ" which I think is de boa from Portugese which means Boa Constrictor. It's derived from the way the snake would wrap itself around your neck, because that is what you do with the opponents arm. We went over the same moves as Wednesday, which is great because it gives me more chance to get it memorized.

After working techniques, one of the new white belts asked me to spar with him. I was so tempted but declined. I just did the same stuff as usual instead and felt pretty down watching the others roll. I asked Tete-kun about what to do when I go for a double-leg tackle and the opponent head locks me. He told me to raise my head, keep my chest against the opponents upper leg, pull on the same leg and rotate the opponent by pushing my head against his side and lifting the leg (not to try pushing the opponent forward). He has injured the cartilege around his ribs and probably cannot enter the competition in a week. Jiu-jitsu is a rough sport, it really is. Injuries abound. Still I enjoy it.

Groin feels the best ever this morning because I didn't spar last night. Yay!

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