Saturday, 10 April 2010

On the Mat Day 66: North-South Attacks II

Most of the guys at the dojo tonight were much bigger than me. Probably had about 10 kg on me. That got me thinking that sparring with my injury might not be a good thing. Anyway, I still went through with it and sparred 4 rounds tonight. I decided not to continue and go against the 2 biggest guys there. A purple who is a cool guy but has a judo (read. crushing) background and a white belt who had his first lesson. I watched him spar with the others and he was always throwing his weight on their legs. That was enough for me to decide that I'd pass on that. At full health I'd of liked to see how I go against a much bigger opponent. He also had a judo background but his base did not seem so strong.

I think I've found a new favourite technique from north-south. The armbar lock. I seem to have the knack of getting the opponent to release his arm. I also did better with one of the chokes tonight. During sparring a did have some decent time working from side control to north south and almost caught Atsushi (big 85kg white belt) with a triangle arm choke and the armbar. I can't really go all out when I see the submission because I can't generate enough power yet in my legs. I also almost got the sacrifice choke from being in side control tonight but turned the wrong way...doh.

I'm seriously thinking about not going to the dojo for a week so that I can fully heal. That will mean I have to cut down on what I eat because I won't be burning as many calories.

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