Monday, 19 April 2010

Insanity: Core Cardio and Balance

I believe that jiu-jitsu makes a person good at weathering through pain and discomfort. When I think back over the past months being smothered or pressed into the floor by 80 kg, then I do this workout, nothing compares. I felt this most at the end when you do the arm workout for the shoulders. All the guys on the video gave up and dropped their arms. I thought about it but didn't. I realize that my training in BJJ has given me some backbone to push out a little bit more-I'm glad I started training in it. It's the best decision I've made in a long time.

Stats for this workout are:

total time; 37 mins
Avg HR: 128
Max HR:196
calories: 368
in zone: 21 mins

A good workout, actually, very good for BJJ because it mimics some of the feeling when rolling i.e. interval rhythm, dropping to push up position, push ups moving side to side. I expected to burn more calories though but it's up there with Tony's medicine ball workout. The only gripe I have is that he does not have enough water breaks.

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