Tuesday, 30 March 2010

On the Mat Day 62: Guard Passing

It is still bloody cold. 8 degrees on the thermometer so I felt every ache in my body. My groin strain is still playing up despite getting better a few nights ago. I've been icing it every night and that seems to help a lot.

I put my name down for the Dumau competition being held on May 2nd in Handa city. That means I have about a month to heal up and get in shape. I weighed myself on the scales while wearing the dogi and came to 76.7 kg. I need to be 76 kg with it on. I also did the same weight this morning and came up as 75.6 kg. That means I'm ok to make the weight but I plan to shed a few pounds just to get rid of any excess weight (read belly fat). My main concern is my groin injury. I've decided to just train technique for the next week and see if it heals up.

There were two new white belts last night. Both young and lighter than me. I can already see some improvement in them. They are easy to dominate but I just practice some moves and then let them work their own game. My right leg is pretty useless right now anyway so I just kept sitting down for them to try guard passing. I had to stop after a few rounds though because my leg was just too painful.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the competition in May. It will give me an incentive to work harder at BJJ and perhaps get me into shape. I've heard that one competition is worth 3 months of training.

Total sparring time = 4 rounds x 6 mins = 24 mins.

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