Sunday, 21 March 2010

Day 60: Arm Drags from Standing II

I woke up at 9.30am and had an apple and a yoghurt to start my day. Not enough really. Then I went to the dojo. I was surprised to see so many there on a Sunday but I guess the warmer weather is bringing people out. I was umming and arrring whether or not to take a rest today since I've strained my groin string. I went anyway. More curious to how Sunday class is now. We covered stuff that I had seen this week so it was good to go over them. Then we started sparring. The 4th opponent pushed on my legs, forcing them into a split position which just made me wince a bit because it put a lot of pressure on my groin muscle. I tapped and decided to sit out for the rest of the time. This meant I only got to spar 3 times today which wasn't enough.

I went swimming straight after training with my son. The water helped a bit to relax the muscle and I put a compress on it. Those seem to really help me recover. I've decided to let the muscle head and go to class on Wednesday. That will give me almost 3 days of rest. Our club is going to GSB tomorrow so I will miss that.

Notable moments today were my almost first triangle on a white belt. I couldn't quite pull him into it deep enough because he was crouched. I switched it to an armbar, turned him over on his back for the win! Sort of fun.

Sparring time: 3 rounds x 6 mins = 18 minutes :(

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