Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Day 40: Leg Submissions

The joints of my hands and fingers are creaking today in pain. This is normal for me, especially it seems during winter. I didn't expect many people back at the dojo last night because it was the first day of the new year and still very cold, but there were still a handful of people there. I'm practicing on the balance ball a lot and enjoy it to be honest. Sensei showed us leg lock techniques which I have some exposure to when I did Pancrase. We did the achilles tendon lock and a few variations which I had never seen. The thing is, we have to do it with the inside leg wrapping to the outside otherwise it will cause a disqualification during competition. That's ok I guess.

During sparring I still get caught in triangles. I got lockdown a few times but could not sweep so have to work on this. I did get a leg submission from the ones we were shown tonight. I'd love to specialize in leg submissions, they are pretty cool and jiu jitsu guys seem to give up their legs much easier than any other submission.

I've noticed that I'm losing stamina like a leaking boat loses water. Seriously, 4 months ago after completing Power90 I was so pumped. Now, I gas really fast and it annoys me. I need to get back into cardio shape so bad because I am at a big disadvantages when taking on the younger guys. That is until I can get my skill level higher.

The cold weather is seriously affecting my enthusiasm to work out. I just can't wait until the temperature picks up and the days become longer. I hate winter. I could suffer it as a boy but not now.

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