Sunday, 27 December 2009

Day 38: Pass Guard

It seemed to take me ages to cycle to the dojo today. It was cold in the house so I put on my rash guard and leggings and waited in my futon until the last minute before I had to go. Got to the dojo and there was only Fukuzumi-sensei, Koyama-san and Sho-kun, who brought along his girlfriend. If my wife had the time I would get her into doing it as well because it is so effective for women to protect themselves. My daughter will definately be pushed into it when she is older and I get the feeling that she has the fiery temperament to do it. Sometimes at class I get pissed off with myself because a little guy or someone who looks weaker than me beats me with technique but then later I think about it more and am happy that they did. This shows that the technique works. If I sparred with a high level belt who was a woman I would expect her to dominate (oh er) me and tap me. If she didn't then I would be disappointed with BJJ or her instructor for giving her that rank.

We did passing the guard. Jiu-jitsu techniques have the annoying ability to make me feel stupid. I see the moves, think ok I can do this, then when I turn to my partner and begin, my brain releases a farting steam of whatthehelldoIdonow. Sometimes I'm switched on and get it fast but mostly it's like this. I wish I could drill it more at the dojo but the peeps seem happy doing it a few times then waiting for the next technique to be shown. Anyone in Nagoya want to drill jiu-jitsu techniques in their spare time? I guess I'll just have to feed my son more and make him grow.

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