Friday, 25 December 2009

Day 37: Choking opponents who resist

Despite it being Christmas Day, I went to the dojo tonight. My last class was Sunday so it has been 4 days of no training and that was too much. I did plan on going yesterday but fell asleep. I have been very sloth-like so far during these holidays. I slept a lot this afternoon too after watching the latest Harry Potter movie. Atleast the rest gave my poor fingers some time to get their flexibility back and allowed my body to heal from a few kinks and bruises.

There were 2 white belts with Koyama-san tonight, who was teaching. Both of them are over 80 kg and quite strong. Both are also in their early 20s so have lots of energy. I did talk a lot with Koyama-san between sparring (4 rounds) and managed to ask him a few things that had been spinning around in my mind. Mostly closed guard escapes and what is disallowed in jiu-jitsu. He told me heel hooks and knee-bars were not allowed, the later is from brown anyway, but achilles locks (name I only know in Japanese - achilles ken gatame) are ok even for white belt as long as the leg is not wrapping from the outside to cause damage to the opponents knee.

A good night of training at a lazy time of year. Next class Sunday.

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