Friday, 27 November 2009

Day 27: Sweeps III

We basically did the same thing tonight as the last 2 nights. I'm not complaining at all. The more I can drill something, the more it will stick in my head. There were only 3 of us to start. Brown belt teaching me and a blue belt (Kondo). Both are really great guys and I enjoy training with them. Kondo showed me a sweep later which I got to use during sparring.

People come in later on. They probably just finished work late and come along for sparring which is great. The Japanese work until such late hours so it's normal for some to arrive late. 10 people are going in the competition in December. I envy them a little and wish I could atleast participate for the club but at the same time I'm cool about hanging back and getting better. I've only been going 2 months anyway.

I learnt tonight that one of the blue belts, small guy called Takeuchi, was going to enter the comp but dislocated his shoulder during training. I was there at the time he did it too. He was swept at knee height and he hit the floor badly on his shoulder. I had the same thing done to me a few weeks prior and felt my brains jiggle about in my skull. Luckily, no broken bones or anything.

An enjoyable night. Yoga tomorrow with some abs hopefully.

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