Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Day 26: Sweeps II

I had a persimmon and banana before going tonight but had to share some with my daughter. She insisted helping me eat them while dribbling over my leg.

There were a few people tonight and it wasn't so cold as it has been or maybe I'm getting used to it. We did sweeps similar to Sunday which was good because I keep forgetting them. I have some right shoulder pain but have no idea where it came from. I tapped fast to a kimura tonight because I don't want that arm to get worse. I could really relax a lot during sparring much more so that ever before. My arms no longer shake even though I went against 5 people tonight. I think it is a mental thing. I go in saying to myself "Tap a lot and leave the ego at the door." This has the effect of relaxing me enough so I don't give a shit about being submitted because I'm here to learn. Conversely, I seem to get tapped less when my mind is in this mode. I guess it's because I'm relaxed and move more.

There was a brown belt and he is always a pleasure to watch. Excellent balance, fast technique and flowing into several submissions. I've never seen him tapped. Anyway, I sparred with him, well I made efforts to keep moving. He got me in a choke and his arm was over my jaw. I felt my teeth grind together then a gritty taste in my mouth. I looked later and the twisting force of the choke forced my teeth together so much that I chipped a little bit of my tooth. It's hardly noticeable but feels weird when I run my tongue over it. It happened so fast. That and the bloodied mouth last week made me realize that I need to wear a mouth guard.

Tomorrow will probably be a good day to go buy a mouth guard and groin guard.

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