Friday, 23 October 2009


I met Michael and Tom today at the University dojo. We went over basic Aikido moves using at first a wooden sword and then the application of the Aikido locks. My right elbow feels as though I've tweaked it funny. It was interesting training but it brought my thoughts back to when I was a child studying Mathematics. I used to keep thinking in my head about Pythagoras theorem and what possible practical use it can have in every day life. Now, I know better and that those type of mathematics do and can actually apply to life (if you're an engineer or something). But I still am not sure that something like Aikido can be applied to a real life fight. Steven Seagal is bullshit. There is something about BJJ that makes me believe in it. Every move is practical and could be used in a fight (unless it is dependent on the gi too heavily and your opponent is wearing a tight t-shirt). I keep putting my trust in BJJ because the application of the technique is believable whereas something like Aikido just seems to be a martial arts that leaves a bit too much "What if...?"
I could see it being useful by using it like Krav Maga to burst strike if you have more than 1 opponent but against somebody who has skill as a striker and heavy hands...I dunno.

Anyway, I had a fairly good day. Great weather, ate Kangaroo, of which my son ate half of it! I forgot how good it tastes. It really is great meat. Made some spinach and zucchini soup and pizza for tonight. That ought to quieten the missus.

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