Thursday, 17 September 2009

Day 43: Push Circuit 1

It was good to lift those heavy weights tonight after getting home from work. Just over 16 kg dumbell curls and I felt strong. My grip seems to have improved because of the Push phase of the workout. After the weight training was up I went outside do so some rope work (skipping - I just didn't wan't to say it because it sounds girly). I only got 30 seconds into it when I felt the muscle shift in my left calf. I could feel it tearing a little, I've had this problem before and I should know better. I stopped immediately because no calf = no exercise for a long time. I used some menthol gel on it, massaged it a little and used the foam roller to work out any tightness. Hopefully, it will recover in a few days. It was just a reminder that I need to stretch more because the weather is getting colder now and I'm not as young a I used to be. No matter how strong I feel, I have to remind myself that my body is not as durable as a teenagers and it doesn't recover fast.

Notable mention for me doing pushup with a 10 kg medicine ball on a bag strapped to my back. I did 10 really slow then finished with the even slower 3 reps. It's definately the way to go. This weekend I'm gonna take a trip to the local home center and see if I can pick up some cheap rope, a sledgehammer and maybe find an old car tyre for some real primal training. I love my medicine balls oh..err..missus and really want to collect stuff I can use to train with.

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