Sunday, 16 August 2009

Day 11: Burn Circuit 3

Tip of the day: Eat oatmeal for breakfast (it's filling and is a much better start to the day than any sugar-insulin-bombs that kelloggs can come up with).

I'm keeping the weights heavy and really feeling the burn now. I looked over at my right shoulder today while doing military presses and there was a ridge of veins sticking out of the skin and I just thought "woow!". I think it's a sign my body fat is going down. I did a pm workout today after taking a nap. The afternoon is so hot that I just have to take a siesta.

I have a few additions to my family of workout gear now. I bought some tennis handle wraps and fitted them to my dumbells because they were ripping the callouses off my hands and it was painful. After talking with a friend who said that out-of-date creatine is not good for your liver, I decided to go out and buy some. It did indeed go down better and hopefully I will not get as much reaction to it tonight (i.e. up every 10 mins to pee). Also, I was astounded to actually find natural peanut butter in a shop here and damn did it taste so good. Much better than Skippy which I've unfortunately had to suffer because it has saturated the market over here. Koeze peanut butter: real peanuts and a little sea salt say the ingredients. mmmm.

Calories 1841
  • Fat 59g (28%)
  • Protein 187g (33%)
  • Carbohydrate 155g (39%)
Too many carbs yesterday!

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