Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Day 69

No, I haven't quit. I've just been busy with other things in life. This weekend I had some great workouts. Plyometrics I kept up all the way and burnt a crap load of calories. The weight training on both Thursday and Saturday felt great. I wasn't as sore as last week. I still have a nagging pain in my left pectoral but I ignore it. Took the day of work yesterday because for some reason I just felt ... well... down. I dunno why. It was such a crappy day, I hate Mondays and just couldn't face anyone. Did legs and back after a small breakfast and started it off with 12 chin ups. The most I've done off the bat. Today I woke up early, like 5.40 am, and did KenpoX plus and the abs I should have done yesterday. I like to mix the days because I really give it my all with the weights and doing Abs after it just cripples me.

The diet is now high carbs, low protein. Which is great because I can eat lots of wholemeal toast, oatmeal, brown rice. I'm no where near as strict with food as the first month because I eat a few cookies here and there. Nothing too drastic, though. Since starting back with carbs cravings for bad food came back. I guess I'm doing ok in not pigging out on ice-cream, bars of chocolate or donuts. I just like a nibble now and again...oh err missus.

Rest tomorrow and I think it's time for another massage. Another 2 weeks of workouts then 1 week of recovery and I'm done--wow! Then onto Chalene Extreme I think. I'll take a month off perhaps because the heat and humidity is melting me away.

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