Thursday, 18 June 2009

Day 50

So it's been a day filled with weirdness and weariness. I woke up at 8 am with a sore throat and thought, "oh, shit. Cold incoming." Did my Yoga and felt a little better. At noon I drove to the cinema and watched Terminator 4. Good action but I think the end was written by a novice. SPOILER below

Marcus Wright - the guy who came back as a Terminator after death row - was hit in the heart and had to be revived through electricity. His heart was obviously weakened by that. So why the hell give it to John Connor at the end of the movie? It would have been much more interesting to have Connor use the Cyberdyne technology and replace his organic heart with a cyborg one. Likewise, Marcus was the most interesting thing about the movie. A Terminator that thinks he is human! So we would have a Terminator with a human heart, and John Connor with a terminator heart - oh the irony! The ending was just completely lame. What writers call a Deus Ex. God comes down and saves the day, it was all a dream, I know, let's use the heart in this cyborg, because he doesn't matter.
The cameo with Schwarzenegger was shit. It belittled the whole film. He looked completely fake anyway. That body was no doubt CG. It had a sort of plastic look to it. However, I have to give props to the landscape scenes, they were reminiscent of Fallout 3 and looked amazing.

Right, back on track.

I went to get a massage last night after work. Was a tiny girl who climbed all over me. And wow did she had the strongest hands. Next time I'll ask her just to take the knots out of my calves, lower back, neck and shoulder blades because that was where the pain was.

I took my son and daughter to the park, even though I wanted to sleep. This was where the weird part started. Japanese people actually talking to me and asking me things! An old geezer sits in his car with a photocopied map and asks me where this is (pointing to some block). I actually helped him finding it and not one time did he hesitate or bat an eyelid that I was a shaved-headed foreigner. (That's right, I shaved off all my hair Vin Diesel-style). I continued onto the park and saw a dog in a nappy, or what the Yanks like to call Diapers. I cannot fathom the stupidity of people. Why put a nappy on a dog. Or even clothes or shoes. I just want to slap the people who make those products.

It rained heavily today. Tomorrow I'm gonna do One-on-one recovery with Tony H. Hope it's what I need *sniff*.

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