Saturday, 6 June 2009

The Walking Dead

I've been waking up lately and taking my pulse while I'm still lying down. It used to be around 55/56 but now after over a month of Power90X it is 46! Holy shit, I thought I was a corpse. It's not only the exterior muscles that get pumped during this 90 day workout, the heart gets bigger just like any other muscle. I now like to think of mine as something like a Formula 1 engine - not bad for a man approaching 40 in a few years .

For some reason I was dreading Back and Biceps with Abs but when I actually get down to doing it, it is enjoyable. Pull ups are going up steadily and I'm using 12.5kg weight for most bicep movements and 17.5kg for back stuff like lownmover. I feel much stronger than I've ever been but I'm no where near as ripped as I would like, actually, I still look soft and I don't like that too much.

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