Monday, 1 June 2009

I hate Mondays

(6-pack Greek-style)

Monday is always rough for me. I'm sleep deprived after the weekend. But desipite this, I still came home pushed play and busted my ass. My legs fatigued a lot earlier today than previously but I knocked out a total of 13 chin ups for the first set. I hate stoppnig at 13, it usually has to be 12 or 14. It's weird, I'm not particularly superstitious either.

Had a quick break after the workout and then did Ab Ripper X. I did it all - that's right (cue Hank Moody voice-over) mother fucker, I did them all. I had to grunt at the end and knock them out but I smashed it. I think a little music from Disturbed gave me that final bit of energy.

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