Friday, 26 June 2009

Day 58

Chest and Back was hard hard hard yesterday. I went too strong in the first round and didn't save much for the second. It meant that my numbers were down but damn are my chest, back and biceps aching today. It was a struggle to get out of bed, never mind the mind chatter telling me not to get up because Plyometrics was waiting. The more I do these workouts, I hope they get easier - but they don't. I suppose that is part of the muscle confusion. Plyometrics was tough as always. I think it may be the increase in temperature, it's hot and humid outside and I sweated buckets. I'm jumping higher, no doubt about that but when I get to the 30 min mark, my mind is screaming for me to stop - go sit down, grab a cold milk shake or something - but I don't. I finish the workout and feel great.

If I have time or energy today, I will go do some split runs in the park. I bought some little fluorescent cones yesterday to mark out the distances for sprinting. My son keeps trying to steal them to play with, but they're mine, mine I tell ya!

Diet is going well. I occassionally eat a bit of chocolate but it's always dark and around 70% cocoa. Still eating copious amounts of meat and vegetables/fruit. This will change in a week or so when I eat mostly carbs.

The news about Michael Jacksons death stunned me. That came out of nowhere. I couldn't help think that he is the same age as Tony Horton. Made me glad that I'm working out, taking care of no 1.

EDIT: Had a lazy afternoon in which I slept a little. Was really hard to get up from that. Eventually, I did and went to the park this evening to do some split runs. Burnt only about 125 calories in the 15 minutes it took but my heart rate actually jumped to 172 at one point. I may do these again as just a supplementary to Power 90X. It's only 15 mins so wont cause me to overtrain.

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