Thursday, 11 June 2009

Day 43

I had a great sleep last night. Probably because I didn't play online games to some ungodly hour. I started the workout around 8 am but half-way through I felt a weird pain in my back. It was like someone was lighting a fire cracker in the muscle under my left scapula. See, I've been having some chest pain on the left side (isn't that the heart side you say?) Yeah, but I think it is muscular or bone related pain. Somehow, I've injured it and well immediately after the pain in my back today the chest pain went. Hmm. Maybe I'm exploding internally. So I dropped the intensity of the workout, just a smidgen. I still did 8 one-handed push ups and beat my previous record of 6. Plus the plyo push-ups with the claps (which I love) I did more than ever before. But ouch was that a weird pain and did it make me worry - yes.

I relaxed for the rest of the day. Went to see Star Trek which was a good film. The story was sort of ok but it could have been better imo. JJ Abrams does a good job on his writing so I expected something a bit more Lost-esque but there was no twists. Except, the time travel, thing. He seems to love that. The high-light of the film has to be the monster on the snow planet, that was just scary. I have to say that I expected William Shatner to pop up somewhere along the lines and felt a bit sad that he didn't. I also wanted to see the young JT Kirk do a flying double kick that he always did in the TV series. That would have been cool.

I came home after the cinema and had a long nap. God, I love sleeping in the afternoon. It just refreshes me so much and I need it during P90X. The diet was good today considering I went out for ages. I was very good and took my home-made protein bar and some almonds which I munched on in the cinema. But, oh, the pop-corn smelt good. I didn't give in, even though I could get a free bag of it with my ticket. No, I give that to my son so he can get fat muhahaha.

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