Sunday, 7 June 2009

Cellular Memory

Many people in yonder days used to believe that eating the heart of your enemy would make you brave or strong. There were even people who ate brains to increase their intelligence - pass the liver salts and the chianti - fuff-fuff-fuff. I ate Kangaroo for the first time today. It is low in fat (about 2%), very high in protein, packed with omega-3 fats, zinc and vitamin B6/B12. It's basically a super-meat in my opinion. Now, the idea that eating a certain body part of another creature or human (yuck) can give you their abilities is called Cellular Memory. This got me thinking when I was chomping down on the kangaroo steak I had. When I do Plyometrics next week, will I bounce higher? Answer to follow on Friday!

Before cooking, the meat looked something between beef and liver. Very dark red and smooth in texture. It's basically a slab of muscle so needs to be cooked hot and fast. You have to cook it rare or medium rare which I'm not particularly fond of but it had a great taste. Very much like beef with the texture of chicken. There was also a sort of after-flavour I couldn't put my finger on. I suppose that is what people call "gamey". If someone had served it to me as beef, I would not have known the difference probably.

Here is a picture of the meat before I ate it. Definately a great food. I will be eating more - oh yes. A very good companion to an extreme workout like power 90X.

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