Saturday, 9 May 2009

Week 2 of Power 90X

I've decided to start a blog about my workouts. It will give me some incentive to continue as well as, one hopes, some form of inspiration to whoever reads it.

It's week 2, day 3 - Shoulders & Arms. I like this kind of workout, it's what my body deals with best. I'm not a runner, a swimmer, or a cardio super fitness type freak. I'm not particularly lean and store fat easily. But what I am is strong and have a lot of endurance. I learnt this when I used to run cross-country as a teenager while all the long-legged athletic boys passed me and I bit my lip and soldiered onwards. I'm not the fastest but I get there in the end sort of thing.

I had some supplements hanging around from eons ago and probably past the use by date. OK. It was out of date - gosh. But I took it to see if it was still usable. The name is SPIKE. It's a caffeine based stimulant that gives you intensity and helps you focus during training. It worked. I busted all my previous rep counts and kicked ass with time for some pull ups at the end .... haha. Thing is, my piss smelt a bit like how the tablet did when it went down. Is that a good thing? I dunno.

Looking forward to Yoga tomorrow. Really looking forward to it. I just hope my brain doesn't melt because of the SPIKE tablet I took earlier.

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