Saturday, 16 May 2009

Power 90X Day 17

1970s was when they made great movies. I remember sitting watching TV as a kid fascinated with the animated creatures on The Golden Voyage of Sinbad. Tom Baker was the bad guy who chased the fountain of youth. He died in the end. If he really wanted to stay young, all he needed to have done was do Power 90X. I mean pfft. Come on Tom, you should have gotten yourself into shape, eaten better to live longer.

Arms and abs today, I busted my ass. The arm workout is actually easy for me now, Ab Ripper X is getting better, much better.

Living in Japan I can't afford to ship the bars and recovery drink all the way here so I made my own bars a few days ago. I was tempted to put a picture here of them but it is easier to describe them - they look like lumps of shit, seriously! But they taste great. While eating one, a scene played through my head. A man being tortured in some jail with a real sicko in charge, the sicko tell the prisoner to eat his own faeces and he does so for fear of being beaten more. Now, if this were a movie, they'd probably use my protein bar recipe for the face sandwich filler, it even has nuts in it! For my recovery drink, I used 50:50 grapefruit and grape juice with Creatine after a workout. I think it' s working because I could shift more weight today.

Protein bar stats: Calories 258 Protein 15 Carbohydrate 20 Fat 14

God damn if Japan is completely middle ages for picking up healthy option food.
Peanut butter, want natural? uh uh. Maple syrup? want low carb? uh uh.
Want mayonaisse? yes, yes and yes on everything

Tomorrow Yoga and maybe a trip to a masseur.

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