Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Phase 1 of the program is almost complete. I need to rethink my goals. I want to say that my main goal is to look good naked but it just feels a little egotistic to write that - even though it is true. Sure, I want the abs, the toned muscles and atheletic look but I also worry about aging. I see my son who is 4 and think about his future, which I want to be a part of. When he is 20, I will be 57 or dead (hell no). I want to be healthy and vibrant even when he is in his 30s and making a family. I suppose I want to be around when I have grand-children because I often think of my son not being able to meet his grand-father (my wife's father) who died from drinking alcohol too much until it rot his oesophagus. I want to see how he becomes a man and in turn see how his sons turn out.

So here are my goals, something I want to achieve after 90 days of power 90X.

1. Lower my body fat to below 10%
2. Increase my V02 max so that when I sit on an exercise bike at the gym and do a fitness test, it is off the scale! Fire roars from the wheels and everyone in the gym stares open mouthed.
3. Do 20 pull ups.
4. Be an inspiration to my son. I want to run the pants off all the other father's at school sports day.
5. Improve my ability to relax. I have a short-temper lately which is probably related to my 7-month old baby girl constantly crying. Exercise gives me a release and I hope that Yoga and stretching will let me chill a bit more.

Long term goals
1. Eat better - Continue to refrain from eating sweet stuff, less white starchy refined food which comes wrapped in plastic and contains every preservative under the sun. Be more adventurous with food, especially ethnic varities.
2. Take up martial arts again - my body itches to do some type of grappling based sport. Even go to the boxing gym.
3. Have outdoor adventures more. Go camping to enjoy the Japanese countryside. I know there are idyllic places out there. Even some canoeing would be great.
4. Take up a typical Japanese traditional hobby, such as Taiko (drums).
5. Write my bestseller novel!


After completing a power 90X workout, a guy called Mark Sissons usually comes on talking about the protein bars or recovery drink. I always thought he was annoying and quickly turned him off. But after investigating a little about him, I quickly came to believe he has some good things to say. Check out his website and Grog here. You can see him on Youtube too. Has some amazing running shoes and was apprently a mentor to Tony Horton.

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