Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Day 21

I'm almost about to start the 3rd week of the program. It's a recovery week filled with stretching, yoga and a little bit of cardio. I need it. Sleep hasn't been coming easy to me on work nights and its affecting my ability to resist bad food. I'm not saying that I've stumbled, just I've had some cravings at night. The diet is going well and I can see more vascularity (that's veins over muscle for you illiterate). I lost almost an inch from my abdomen and feel very light on my feet although I've only dropped maybe half a kilo. This is to be expected since I will be gaining muscle which weighs more than fat.

I've taken creatine for 5 days at around 5 grams. I think this is enough and am now using 3 grams per day for maintenance. Many guidelines tell you to take about 20 grams in a single day spaced over intervals. I can't do this because it would make me sick. I get the runs if i take too much in one day so spread it out over days. Can't really say that it has any affect on me yet but my reps are going up. I think I could do over 15 pull ups max right now.

I calculated how much protein I've been taking. It totals to around 170 grams which is more than sufficient. I must admit, I'm getting a little sick of a high-protein diet but because there are few carbs and those I eat are generally low GI index carbs, I never get insulin spikes which cause me to crave chocolate. I think I would puke right now if I ate a donut or something - really. Cookies I get from work I take home and give them to my son. Let him soak up the calories, god knows he must need around 1,600 calories a day, little bugger.

It will be great to see the results after 90 days. I will post pictures at 30 days to see if I've changed.

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