Sunday, 31 May 2009

Back and Biceps

Has to be one of my favourite workouts. Which 2 body parts do most men want to increase? guns and chest - yes. Well of course we all want washboard abs but without arms and chest you will look like weak sauce. Corn on the cob pull ups have to be my all time hated exercise. My arms were swollen solid by the end of this workout. I struggled through abs because I was so exhausted from the weight training. There is one break half-way through the 50 minutes workout - That is all. really rough but muscle-building ass-kickingly good stuff.

I think I've perfected my protein bars. Here are the ingredients.

Peanut butter: 2 scoops
Chopped almonds: about 1 oz
Honey: 1 tablespoon
Oatmeal: 1/4 cup
Protein power: 2-3 scoops

The more nuts you have in it the better it tastes and the more it looks like a bar. If you freeze it, it will go rock hard and tastes just like a Marathon bar but without the corn syrup and other crap they put in them. Yummy.

My 5kg tub of protein still hasn't arrived yet. I'm having to survived on a tiny packet of the stuff. Hope it doesnt run out. I found a place that sells kangaroo meat, gonna get some and try it - will report on that. I am eating very healthy and clean. No chocolate, little carbohydrate and lots of protein. I've never been this focused before. Saying that, this week has been rough and I felt my resolve waning a little. I think I will go buy a new pair of shorts or something, some cool clothes to work out in and make me feel like an athlete. The callouses on my hands are getting huge after pull ups and curling the dumbells. Im worried they will rip off and the skin will be raw. I will have to find some wraps for my weights to cushion the grip. I wonder if there are many women out there who like callouses? probably not. Maybe I should go the metrosexual route and file them down - not!

Peace out.

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