Friday, 20 September 2013

On the Mat Day 411: Armbar - Omoplata - Triangle - Armbar

F-sensei made us do drill from closed guard. We start with the armbar, opponent pulls his arm out. We switch to omoplata, or if he resists we revert to triangle or armbar on the other side. Switching to the armbar on the other side requires a lot of abdominal use and movement to switch the torso to the other side. It also needs lots of dexterity with the legs. I would like to practice this more.

I mostly just chilled out during sparring, not really concentrating on anything specific, except a move I watched Jimmy Pedro do on his new Takedown series. It just involves reaping their elbow of the arm on your lapel and grabbing over their back, faking an uchi-mata then switching to sumi-gaeshi. It worked whenever I used it and was easy to mess up the opponent's inside grip on the collar. I had a good round with K-sensei but towards the end I switched really fast to set my hooks into his turtled position, he flipped forward to avoid it and took me with him. I didn't keep my head tucked in and so face planted into the mat - hurt my neck a little but nothing much else. Note to self - always keep your head tucked in tight when in back mount position.

I trained a little with my son last night. Letting him drill his favorite throws and then sparring a little with him. He seemed to enjoy it.

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