Sunday, 26 May 2013

On the Mat Day 376: O-goshi and Uchi-mata

F-sensei pulled out the crash mat and taught us o-goshi and uchi-mata throws today. Both have similar movements in the hip rotation. O-goshi was with an underhook and grabbing the material of the back. Uchi-mata uses the leg you plant first as the reaping leg whereas o-goshi doesn't use the legs. I would like to do more uchikomi with these throws before attempting to use them though. I like the entry to uchi-mata and F-sensei stressed the fact that you need to bring your chest to the opponent's and strongly strike the mat with the foot that comes in second.

It was so hot today that I felt light headed during sparring. In this type of weather it is very hard to sit out a round and then drive yourself to get up for another round after a rest. I usually do better if I keep going - like a stone rolling down a hill, if I come to a stop, it is hard to get going again. Atsushi came a little late but I sparred with him before leaving at 12.30. I lost control of the center and he, as usual, tried for an uchi-mata throw with his hand high on my collar. In an instant, I saw the counter suplex Dmitri showed me once a few weeks ago and planted Atsushi on his back. He's big so I couldn't exactly launch him high through the air but it stunned him enough for me to take side control, he tried to choke from below, I moved to armbar, he slipped out and gave me an omoplata. He's strong so I had to sweep him with it. Then we reset as we were too near the wall. It was a really good start to the round but it drained my stamina fighting someone much stronger than me. My reaction is getting much better standing and I think the guys I train with would say that I am much harder to take down compared to even a few months ago. This, of course, gives me confidence, especially in a self-defense situation. If I can throw a guy who has over a ten kilo advantage on me and is way stronger than me, I can probably do OK versus the average Joe. Especially, if they are drunk and looking for a fight. I love grappling and wish I had devoted myself to it sooner.

It was also the last lesson I will see K-sensei before he departs for the Mundials. He has slimmed down quite visibly to fight at Featherweight. Here is a list of the guys in his lineup.

BLACK / Adult / Male / Feather
Alliance                                                             Mario Sergio Names Reis
Atos Jiu-Jitsu                                                     Eduardo Ramos da Silva
Atos Jiu-Jitsu                                                     Rafael Mendes Godoy
Big Brothers                                                      Noah Douglas Booth
Brazilian Top Team Boston                                 Renan Borges
CheckMat USA                                                  Yukito Robert Isoda
Fukuzumi Jiu-Jitsu                                             Takayuki Koyama
GF Team                                                          Denilson de Carvalho Pimenta
GF Team                                                          Theodoro Gabriel Canal Almeida
GF Team California                                            Ítalo Silva Lins de Albuquerque
Grabaka Jiu Jitsu Club                                       Daisuke Nakamura
Gracie Barra                                                      Gabriel Gonçalves Martins
Gracie Humaita Phoenix                                     Wellington Leal Dias
Impacto Japan B.J.J.                                         Miqueias Toshio Asada
Nova União International                                    Sergio Calderon Gonzalez
Reversal Gym Shinjuke Me, We                         Yasuhito Nakatsuka
Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu                                                 Renato Lima Vieira
RJJ                                                                   Yuji Okamoto
Sandro Batata Brazilian Jiu-jitsu - Santa Cruz      Sandro Ribeiro Santiago Soujiukai Sendai                                  Masahiro Iwasaki
Soul Fighters BJJ                                               Augusto Lopes Mendes
Sul JJ Caxias do Sul                                          Mauro Sérgio da Silva

There are some big names in this category. Rafael Mendes is there but I don't see Cobrinha. Anyway, I wish him good luck. If I have the time I may even subscribe to watch it on Budovideos but I suspect the time difference will be a bit rough. I think it shows late night/early morning here.

Sparring time: 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins


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